Symposium 2025 - Austria

The OENOVITI International Symposium and General Assembly 2025 will take place on 22nd and 23rd May 2025 in Vienna, Austria. It will be hosted by The University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences - BOKU, in Vienna. The theme of the 2025 Symposium will be: "Sustainability and socio-economic aspects of viticulture and winemaking in a changing climate".

The Symposium will be divided in several sessions including one dedicated knowledge transfer of applied knowledge to growers hosted by the “Rolf-Schlumberger Lectures”. 
International experts will provide the state of the art Key lectures that are open to all students and public. 
Attendees will have the opportunity to guided field trips to Vienna Capital Viticulture and enjoy our annual BOKU Wine Tasting at the BOKU location in Tulln. 
The symposium is planned to be attended by international students of the ELLs network recruited by the new sub Area Wine and Soft Fruits.