The OENOVITI International network is based on:

  • a diversity of actors spread over 24 countries,
  • the mobility of its staff and students,
  • the exchange of experience and good practices between the members and fields of expertise,
  • the building of a common core curriculum in education and training

The network functions as a sustainable multi-site training and research network whose aim is to:

  • foster collaboration among the different actors of the wine industry,
  • enhance international education in grape growing and wine making, building on technologies and expertise across excellent oenology institutions,
  • develop collaborative projects at national, European and international levels,
  • disseminate the latest research advances and innovations in vine and wine, and offer a worldwide recognition and visibility.

 The OENOVITI programmes involve many partners from the academic, research, industry and the socioeconomic world. Beyond their financial support, our partners provide their expertise to pursue top-quality R&D and to offer employment opportunities to young graduates.

The network activities are organized around 10 collaborative work groups (transverse and thematic):

  • Extended Oenology
  • Extended Viticulture
  • Climate Change
  • Industrial Transfer
  • Wine Management and Tourism
  • Wine and Health
  • International and Strategic Funding
  • Digitalization and Robotization
  • Fundraising, Sponsors and Patronage
  • Talents and careers: Young Researchers

By planning events such as General Assemblies, Symposiums, meetings online and offline, we actively nurture young scientists in the international oenology community, and contribute to increase the visibility of the achievments of our members all around the world.