The OENOVITI INTERNATIONAL network includes 55 partners worldwide. All of them are recognized for their excellence  in the field of oenology and viticulture.

The network is organized around an executive board consisting of the members of the consortium, the representatives of major programs and the Fondation Bordeaux Université.


Executive Board



Fondation Bordeaux Université


Become an academic partner or an industrial partner

Oenoviti International operates thanks to annual membership fees. 


Membership fees

Academic members: 1,000€/year

Industrial members:1,500€/year


Why becoming a member?

Becoming a member of OENOVITI International gives you access to a network of professionals in oenology and viticulture. You will have an opportunity to join one or several of our working groups to develop projects and meaningful partnerships.

As a member of OENOVITI International, you also have a free access to our annual Symposium and General Assembly.



Become a sponsor

OENOVITI International could be launched thanks to a major contributaion made by the Château Pichon-Longueville.

The network is actively looking for new sponsors.

New donations will help ensure the continuation of the activities of the network and its excellence.


Kinds of sponsorship

You can support the OENOVITI International network in its entirety by making an open donation directly to the Fondation Bordeaux Université (to fund the general operations of the network).

Alternatively, you can specify that your donation be dedicated to actions of training, research or distribution within the framework of partnerships:

- The GOLD GRAPE Partner (30K€/year - Member of the network for 3 years)
A special partnership built jointly within the framework of one or several structural actions developed within the network: Research work (bachelor's and master's degree, doctorate or post-doctorate grants), the organisation of major events, lauching of new partnerships throught the financing of mobility, and more.

- The SILVER GRAPE Partner (10k€ Member of the network for one year)
Financing of a one-off action: Research or training prize, a local event, the mobility of researchers or students, the purchaser of research equipment, and more.
- There are many other possibilities for partnership, you can also offer your support by hosting members of the network when they travel, throught the donation of samples (wines, plants, ect.), visits of your facilities, etc.

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The network was born in 2010 from a desire to develop and extend the oenology and viticulture field with academics, research centres and industrial partners to the international level (55 partners all around the world).

It is coordinated by the University of Bordeaux - Institut des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin (France), and is the first and unique international network in oenology and viticulture.

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The OENOVITI International network is based on:

  • the mobility of its staff and students,
  • the exchange of experience and good practices between the relevant subjects,
  • the building of a common core curriculum in education and training
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